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A rainscreen façade is the most popular architectural choice for your building solution. Perfectly fitting into the current sustainable and architectural trends. Rainscreen cladding systems are regarded as the most energy-saving and cost-efficient cladding system for building envelope purposes.

Available in a wide range of materials and finishes, Kencar is proud to provide you with the highest quality and visually appealing Rainscreen systems, made bespoke to your individual project needs using our state-of-the-art in-house facilities. Also, with Kencar’s excellent customer service, we ensure you stay informed throughout the whole process. 

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Why Choose From Our Imbris Rainscreen Cladding System Range?

A rainscreen is a façade added to deflect or channel rainwater away from the building. It forms a non-structural external surface not to stop the water but rather to manage it. The rainscreen cladding systems manufactured by Kencar offer a wide range of aesthetic finishes as well as different thermal insulation performances. Our ranges have evolved to meet the ever-growing demands of modern architecture.

These rainscreen systems are easy to install, reducing project time. Provide decreased condensation, due to the airflow and moisture management systems in place, and can withstand extreme weather. The façade panels can be easily detached to monitor and maintain the building. And bring aesthetic benefits as we can provide a range of finishes and colours using either polyester powder coating or anodising. 

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Our Imbris Rainscreen Systems Range

imbris rainscreen hook-on example rainscreen cladding systems

Imbris Hook-On

Our Imbris Hook-On rainscreen cladding is a fully drained and back-ventilated system. These hook-on panels can be installed top down or bottom up and can be individually removed, minimising disruption for any required maintenance of the building.

imbris rainscreen pressed cassette example rainscreen cladding systems

Imbris Pressed Cassette

Our Imbris Pressed Cassette rainscreen cladding is our mechanically robust system in our arsenal. A versatile choice for both new-build and refurbishment projects. Panels can be manufactured with a plain or perforated surface along with a range of colour and anodised finishes for the ultimate design effect.

imbris rainscreen pressed plank system example rainscreen cladding systems

Imbris Pressed Plank

The sleek pressed plank system offers a modern exterior with simplicity in mind. In a range of colours and finishes, you can make your architectural mark. 

Imbris Extruded Plank rainscreen system example rainscreen cladding systems

Imbris Extruded Plank

The extruded plank system offers a cost-effective cladding system, with simplicity and robustness at the forefront. With a range of lengths available, our Imbris Extruded Plank rainscreen system is the perfect solution for a wide variety of builds to create something unique and seamless that compliments the architect’s design. 

imbris rainscreen cladding system - Shingle rainscreen cladding systems

Imbris Shingle

Make your bold architectural statements with our Imbris Rainscreen Shingle system. With anodised or powder-coated finishes, and a range of shapes and sizes. It’s sure to add unique character to any building’s exterior.


Take a look through our projects that have some great examples of perforated panels. Either used as flat panels for a decorative purpose or used to form rain screens, cladding panels, pressing, or other architectural products. 

Request Our Sample Boards

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