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Our premier Perforated Sheet Metal Service, where precision meets innovation, and form meets function in every pattern. With state-of-the-art machinery and expert craftsmanship, we specialise in producing a vast array of perforated metal designs to suit diverse needs across multiple sectors.

Our advanced punch machines enable us to create various patterns, including round, square, slotted, and custom designs, ensuring flexibility and customisation tailored to your project requirements. From architectural marvels to industrial applications, our perforated metal solutions are trusted by clients in sectors ranging from architecture and construction to automotive, electrical and more!

sectors we serve

Our perforated sheet metal can be used for:

Architecture & Design

From facades to interior partitions, perforated metal adds a contemporary touch to any space that combine aesthetics and functionality.


Components such as cladding, balustrades, and sunscreens really enhance construction projects bringing durability and versatility whilst providing visual appeal and practical benefits.


Automotive perforated metal components, like grilles, speaker covers, and accents, offer lightweight, customizable designs that enhance airflow and style in vehicles.


Perforated metal enclosures and cabinets are durable and secure solutions providing protection for sensitive equipment while allowing for proper ventilation and access.


Electrical systems with perforated metal panels and covers for control cabinets and switchgear offer protection against dust, debris, and environmental factors while maintaining airflow and visibility.

Food Production Manufacturing

Food production facilities with perforated metal conveyor belts, screens, and partitions ideal for applications requiring cleanliness, durability, and compliance with food safety standards

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