automotive fabrication

Gear up for quality

Get into first gear of automotive metal fabrication with Kencar, where precision and passion collide to create top-quality components customised to fit your automotive needs. Utilising cutting-edge technology and fueled by our unwavering commitment to excellence, we specialise in crafting a diverse array of metal fabricated products tailored specifically for the automotive sector. From perforated grilles enhancing ventilation systems to precision-machined engine parts boosting performance, our expertise spans a wide range of automotive applications.

At Kencar, quality isn’t just a standard – it’s our promise. As an ISO9001 certified company, we prioritise stringent quality management practices, ensuring that every product undergoes rigorous scrutiny to meet and exceed industry standards. With Kencar, you’re not just getting automotive metal fabrication; you’re investing in precision, reliability, and a partner dedicated to your utmost satisfaction.

already have a technical drawing and looking for a quote?

If you have an existing technical drawing and are looking for a quote, or have a design in mind and need some help to bring it to life, get in touch with our team!