bring flare to your metal finish

Durable protection for your metal components

At Kencar, we recommend powder coating as an excellent option for enhancing the durability and aesthetics of your metal components. This process involves applying a dry powder to metal surfaces using an electrostatic spray gun, which is then cured in an oven to form a protective layer. Our meticulous surface preparation and state-of-the-art curing process ensure exceptional adhesion and protection against corrosion, UV exposure, and mechanical damage.

Our powder coating service offers numerous advantages over other finishing methods, including greater durability, environmental friendliness, and versatility in color and finish options. With Kencar, you can trust our expert technicians and advanced equipment to recommend and deliver superior results that enhance the appearance and longevity of your metal components. 

powder coating colour possibilities

the opportunities are endless

more colours than crayola

Powder coating offers a vibrant array of colors, making it a versatile choice for enhancing the aesthetic appeal of metal components. From bold and bright hues to subtle and sophisticated tones, the color possibilities are virtually limitless. This versatility allows for creative expression and customization to match any design or branding requirements.

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