Imbris Rainscreen Hook-On

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The Imbris Rainscreen Hook-On cladding system is manufactured to the highest quality, all in-house at Kencar. The system is fully drained and ventilated and has horizontal labyrinth joints that are super easy to install. 

With completely hidden fixings this rainscreen cladding system shows a streamlined exterior to your building. The Imbris Hook-On system utilises the market-leading Nvelope NV7 Carrier rail and features horizontal channel pressings. Making the Imbris Hook-on rainscreen incredibly versatile.

The vertical rail centers do not have to align with secondary steel positioning which provides greater flexibility and more installation options.

Panels are fabricated in 3mm or 4mm thick aluminium at modular sizes to suit the desired aesthetic of your build with the option of being polyester powder coated or anodised. 

As easy as they are to install, we understand there may be times when access behind the rainscreen is necessary. As result of this, we have made Imbris Hook-On Rainscreen removable panels that can be seamlessly integrated into the standard hook-on system.

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Benefits Of The Imbris Rainscreen Hook-On

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