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Achieving accuracy, precision, and superior design forms the essential foundation of any successful product, and at Kencar, we excel in delivering precisely that with our cad design & prototyping.

Our CAD design team meticulously consider factors like bend loss, distortion, tooling constraints, and material wastage in the design phase of complex sheet metal configurations and assemblies.

Prior to production, we conduct a comprehensive review of your products feasibility, cost-effectiveness, and durability to ensure we deliver the best value to you.

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we deliver the best value to you

Achieving the best every time

Kencar has the people, quality, technology, and reputation in the marketplace to help you succeed, as we deliver the best value by:

Achieving right-first-time accuracy to minimise turnaround time and adhere to your deadlines

Ensuring the highest quality standards

Preventing unnecessary additional cost

customer benefits

How kencars cad team can benefit you

We use CAD design to offer highly customised solutions to our customers. Whether it’s creating unique metal components or tailored assemblies, CAD allows for precise customisation to meet specific requirements. 

CAD design ensures accuracy and precision in every aspect of the metal fabrication process. This results in high-quality products that meet tight tolerances and exact specifications, reducing errors and rework.

We can fine-tune the design process, ensuring swift turnaround times for our valued customers. CAD facilitates rapid prototyping and seamless iteration, minimising delays and expediting the production journey.

By optimising designs and minimising material waste, we can offer cost-effective solutions to our customers. CAD design enables efficient use of resources, reducing production costs without compromising on quality. 

CAD software provides customers with clear visual representations of their designs before production begins. This allows for better communication and ensures that customers’ expectations are met.

CAD design offers flexibility in design iterations, allowing us to quickly adapt to changes or modifications requested by our customers. 

We push boundaries in innovation and creativity in metal fabrication. By leveraging advanced design tools and techniques, we can offer innovative solutions that meet our customers unique demands. 

kencar employee creating cad designs for a project

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Top Quality & Customer Satisfaction

For Kencar, the design engineering and manufacture of a metal part or product is focused around quality and customer satisfaction. No product starts it’s manufacture until our in-house design engineering team are certain it meets the specifications required by our client.

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