Imbris Aluminium Soffits & Fascia Panels

Just like the rest of our product ranges, Kencar manufactures and fabricates aluminium soffit systems and aluminium fascia panels to the highest level of building standards. 

Fascia panels are vertical building panels constructed underneath roofing edges forming the surface of the building’s outer corners. Soffit systems are the horizontal equivalent to fascia panels and together create a seamless look to the building whilst also forming a crucial weatherproof seal. Used heavily in architectural designs aluminium soffits and fascia panels help round off the outer edges of building facades whilst holding the building’s guttering system.

Panels can be fabricated in a wide range of thicknesses at modular sizes to suit the desired aesthetics of the build and can be polyester powder-coated or anodised. 

an example of aluminium soffit fascia panels that Kencar manufacture

Why Choose Our Imbris Aluminium Soffit and Fascia Panel System?

Utilising the market leading Nvelope NS1 Carrier rail, Imbris soffits are installed with fixings that are completely hidden. 

With easy interlocking fitment, accurate modules with closed joints are created with minimal on-site stress. 

Our panels can be fabricated in a range of thicknesses and sizes to suit the desired aesthetic of the architectural design and can be polyester powder coated in a vast amount of colours or can be anodised. 

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Take a look through our projects that have some great examples of aluminium soffit and fascia systems. 

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