Strata Insulated Spandrel Panels: Strata 1


The demand for spandrel panels with a non-combustible insulated core has increased greatly. At Kencar, we fabricate our insulated panels using a FABROCK core (ROCKWOOL stone wool product), which is classified to Euroclass A1 (EN 13501).

Our Strata 1 Spandrel Insulation Panel comprises of a flat outer skin, a FABROCK core, and a flat inner skin. 

Front and back skins can be fabricated in 1.5mm, 2mm, or 3mm thick aluminium at modular sizes to suit the desired aesthetic of the build and can be supplied polyester powder coated, anodised, or mill finish. 

At Kencar, we manufacture high-quality insulated panels with our dedicated production facility and highly skilled workforce. We always strive to ensure we continuously look to reduce the environmental impact of our products and manufacturing processes.

High quality, lightweight, and easy to install. Manufactured as part of our bespoke façade systems, your project requirements dictate the specifications of the panels.

strata 1 spandrel panel inner core insulation
strata spandrel panel 1 example

Benefits Of The Strata Spandrel Insulation Panels

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