Our Process

Kencar has a team of committed experts that will work with you at every stage of your order process. Ensuring you are delivered market-leading products that will perform as expected. All of our orders follow a strict process to ensure that the commitment to deliver is achieved every time. With this in mind, we offer a price that won’t fluctuate, a product that meets all required tolerances, and lastly, your order delivered to the site when you need it.

  • Enquiry

    Firstly, any order starts with it's original enquiry. Many suppliers will simply say if they have the capacity to deliver, and not investigate the raw materials or understand the finishes required. Kencar’s process ensures that we check that all required resources are available. The raw material is available, that the colours and finishes are available, and logistics implications. We also check that all of this is achievable within the timeline set by you, the client.

    When we say that we can deliver, understand that every aspect of the project has been investigated.

  • Modelling & Programming

    When the order is agreed upon and reaches our in-house CAD team, the scheme has typically been designed from a visual aspect by someone else, usually the end user or developer's architect. With the expectation for the finished building already set, our team will do the support structure calculations, develop the panel splits and sizes, assist with material selection and gauge, and resolve difficult details around projections in the façade. All while ensuring it is viable from a manufacturing & installation perspective.

    If we are not presented with drawings, it's our job to ensure that a set of working drawings are produced. Having a clear set of designs enables us to clearly explain to our clients what is being delivered.

  • Manufacturing

    We have already secured the raw materials and ensured complete transparency with the agreed designs. At this stage, we will start the manufacturing process. Our highly skilled team will start the process of creating your order. Throughout the manufacturing process, you are kept up to date with the progress of your order. Should you need to see samples or have your order delivered in parts you will have this option and flexibility.

  • Inspection & Assembly

    Some of our products require assembly, and we inspect every one. The products are inspected in two major areas; Quality and Tolerances. Every product that carries the Kencar name needs to fulfill the quality expectations that have become seminomas with our company. Most importantly, we check the tolerances the first product was built to, to be sure they are consistent across all of the products within the order. No matter the amount we need to build.

  • Transport

    At Kencar we have our own fleet of vans that allow us to be more flexible on delivery. For international deliveries or large orders, we may choose one of our logistic partners to deliver your project. Our transport partners deliver your projects wherever you need them, and the transport delivery time has already been built into our production.

    We understand that you need a partner that will deliver the right high-quality products at the right time, on budget. That’s Kencar.

Start Your Project With Us

Now that you know our process, get in touch with our team and see how Kencar can be all you need for your next project. We look forward to hearing from you.