Strata Insulated Spandrel Panels: Strata 3


Our Strata 3 Spandrel Panels comprise of a flat outer skin, a FABROCK insulated core, and a tray inner skin along with a high-density perimeter core. 

Front and back skins can be fabricated in 1.5mm, 2mm, or 3mm thick aluminium at modular sizes. This is to suit the desired aesthetic of the build and can be supplied polyester powder coated, anodised, or mill finish.

The Strata 3 spandrel panels allow for thicker insulation for builds that require higher thermal and acoustic results, whilst remaining easy to install. The perimeter edge seal material is a key component that performs multiple functions vital to the overall performance of the panel. It aids in reducing heat loss and condensation risk at the panel edge and is considered a thermal break.

strata 3 spandrel panel's perimeter core material and inner tray skin
strata spandrel panel 3 example

Benefits Of The Strata Spandrel Insulation Panels

Why Choose Kencar For Your Spandrel Insulation Panels

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