Kencar has a team of committed experts that will work with you at every stage of your order to ensure you are delivered market leading products that will perform as expected. All our orders follow a strict process to ensure what we commit to deliver is achieved every time. This includes offering a price that will not fluctuate through to a product that meets all required tolerances and delivered to site when you need it.


The first step in any order is the original enquiry. Many suppliers will simply say if they have the capacity to deliver and not investigate the raw materials or understand the finishes required. Kencar’s process ensures that we check the all required resources are available, that the raw material is available, that the colours and finishes are available, the logistics implications and if all of this achievable within the timeline set by you the client. When we say that we can deliver understand that every aspect of the project has been investigated.

Design office

The first step along any agreed order is for the project to enter the design office. When we are supplied designs and drawings these are checked to ensure that they are correct, when we are not presented with drawings its our job to ensure that a set of working drawing are produced. Having a clear set of designs to build to allows us to be very clear with our clients what is being delivered.


We have already secured the raw materials and ensured complete transparency with agreed designs. At this stage we will start the manufacturing process. Our highly skilled team will start the process of creating your order. Throughout the manufacturing process you are kept up to date with the progress of your order, should you need to see samples or have your order delivered in parts you will have this option and flexibility.

Inspection & Assembly

Some of our products require assembly but all of them are inspected. They are inspected in two major areas – Quality and Tolerances.  Every product that carries the Kencar name needs to live up to the quality that has become seminomas with our company. We will also check that the tolerances that the first product was built to is consistent no matter how many we need to build.


At Kencar we have our own fleet of vans that allow us to be more flexible on delivery, obviously if we are delivering internationally or servicing a large order then we may choose to use one of our logistic partners to deliver your project. All our transport partners are able to deliver your projects wherever you need and the transport delivery time has already been built into our production.


We understand that you need a partner that will deliver the right high quality products at the right time on budget, that’s Kencar.